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Pinned  Us Server Migrations, New Ip Addresses Etc.

30 Jul 2013 01:00 AM | Leon in Ozzy Furocity

US-E Servers Migrated!

Just wanted to let everyone know that the US-E game servers have been moved from the old host to a new one per our previous announcements.
We've already updated QuickPlay, Stats and Bans to reflect this change.

You can find the new servers by searching "ozfur" in your server tags or by using any of the details below:

OzzyFurocity.net | US-E #1 - Mann vs Machine -
OzzyFurocity.net | US-E #2 - Stock Maps+Randomizer
OzzyFurocity.net | US-E #3 - Capture The Flag -
OzzyFurocity.net | US-E #4 - Capture The Flag -
OzzyFurocity.net | US-E #5 - Capture The Flag -
OzzyFurocity.net | US-E #7 - Vs Saxton Hale -
OzzyFurocity.net | US-E #8 - Huntsmen Hell -
OzzyFurocity.net | US-E #9 - Trade Plaza -
OzzyFurocity.net | US-E #10 - Trade Plaza -
OzzyFurocity.net | US-E #11 - Prophunt -
OzzyFurocity.net | US-E #15 - Surf Maps -

Please report any issues to the forums.

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Server Launch & Details

20 Jan 2014 12:16 AM | Leon in Ozzy Furocity

Posted Image

We're pleased to announce the addition of not only a new server, but a new game to the Ozzy Furocity family of servers: Just Cause 2 MP.

For those who are not aware of the modification, Just Cause 2 MP enables the sandbox, shooter, racer, GTA IV successor that everyone loves to know have up to 5000 slot servers. The staff and I are eager to try our hand at this, as we've been hunting for a replacement multiplayer game to GTA IV for some time. The server comes with all the bells and whistles that other servers have, and more. There are plans to put extensive custom development into the server. Given our already scheduled addition of OzSurvival, an update of OzTechnology and planned re-emergence of the old Trouble in Terrorist Town, this makes for a busy time behind the scenes. Hence, things might be slow moving at first, but we'll iron out any issues we come across as soon as possible.So download the mod and come join us, the address is below!


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Pop it, Don't Drop It

30 Jul 2013 06:51 PM | Leon in Ozzy Furocity

Pop It, Don't Drop It.

A Third-Party Team Fortress Service Announcement

You can also find the taunt download link here.
Credits to anangrysockpuppet

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Us Server Migrations, New Ip Addresses Etc.

21 Jul 2013 10:20 AM | Leon in Ozzy Furocity

US Server Migration Notice

This is advance notice that over the course of the next few weeks we will be migrating both US Servers to a new server provider. The reason for this change is to obtain a better deal for the community and to address the craptaculer service we have been receiving from Razor Servers. So what does this mean in English?

Firstly, The IP Addresses of the servers WILL change. It may be a little difficult for you to find the new servers as they won't be on your favourites list or history. We recommend keeping an eye on our group page and website for more information on the new addresses.

Secondly, The new US-W server is 3x more powerful than our existing server in that location. This means that we'll be able to expand the number of servers in that location. There are possibly plans to host a Cubeworld server there in the near future.

Thirdly, The new US-E server is moving to New York City, which is a far more ideal location than Atlanta, Georgia. There are other minor upgrades that will occur to that box.

Lastly, Both servers will now be provided by the same company, saving us alot of headaches and giving us a little more leverage to getting issues resolved in a timely manner.

This is all expected to occur over the next 5-14 days, make sure your friends are up to date with what is happening, we wouldn't like anyone to get lost! We'll post new information as it comes to light.

PS: We're adding more Moderators in the coming days

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War Is Coming! -Technic Server Event-

16 Jul 2013 11:40 AM | Rzar in Ozzy Furocity

Posted Image

Ladies and Gentlemen, as of this announcement the Technic server is at a state of heightened alert. We have learned that several parties are preparing a First Strike attack using weapons of mass destruction from the ICBM mod! The date for this attack has been set for this weekend, Saturday the 20th (time to be announced). After this event the server will be rolled back to a backup taken on Monday the 15th and life will continue as normal.

All active members should immediately begin preparing themselves according to the Battle Plan which I shall now outline.

As of now consider the server on DEFCON 3 - PREPERATION PHASE:
  • You may build bombs
  • You may build missles
  • You may build launchers
  • You may build any defenses you wish
  • You may not PVP
  • You may not use your weapons
  • You must continue to follow server rules
One hour prior to the appointed time the server will move to DEFCON 2 - CONVENTIONAL WAR:
  • You may PVP in No Mans Land (areas unclaimed by any player/neutral zones)
  • You may not use Weapons of Mass Destruction (Any ICBM mod weapons, IC nukes, etc)
  • Interpersonal combat only
  • You may not attack other players bases
This phase is intended as just a bit of fun before the fireworks begin, recommendation is to only use items you wouldn't mind losing.

On Saturday the 20th the server will move to DEFCON 1 - GLOBAL THERMONUCLEAR WAR:

"It's Global Thermonuclear War, and nobody wins. But maybe - just maybe - you can lose the least."
  • Press your Big Red Button!
  • You may fire ze missles
  • Destroy your friends and neighbours, for fun!
There is only one special rule you need to be mindful of during the war: No Spawn Camping
As the battle progresses people will liking lose their home beds and be sent back to the main spawn, in order to not impact their enjoyment and allow for the maximum chaos possible by keeping everyone in the game. These people need to be allowed to leave spawn and rejoin the game.

If you have any specific questions I shall address them in the comments below.

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New Staff, Raffles And Restructuring

14 Jul 2013 09:58 AM | Leon in Ozzy Furocity

This has been a relatively long time coming. Today we’ve been making some changes as to how the community operates from an administrative level. This announcement is to briefly summarise those changes as well as offer an explanation of what they really mean.

New Administrators
Starting off with the good news, R3bel and Vercci, two long time players and Moderators have joined the Administration Team! As part of this role they’ll be taking on a part of the community to make their own. R3bel is taking on Appeals Administration and overseeing that area of the community, Vercci is taking over TeamFortress 2 Administration from SolarFlare.

As always, Rzar is still in charge of Minecraft Administration. For those not familiar with our structure, each area of the community will have Moderators (IE: TF2 Moderatiors, MC Moderators, Appeals Moderators etc) that are managed by an Administrator of that area who handles the day to day running of the community.

The addition of two new administrators does not mean that I’ll be retiring to my non-existent yacht, I’ll still be heading up Techops and general community secret stuff.

New Moderators
I’m pleased to announce that following a staff meeting today, our Moderation Team has grown by about 27%....or 9 People if you prefer. Those people are as follows:

The Guilty
Flaming Fox


We also implemented our newly revised Moderator’s Handbook, which is a staggering 31 pages long! This will be the first Moderator intake where such a detailed guide has existed, so it will be interesting to see how long it takes for everyone to get settled.

New Server Rules
Why did we revise our Moderator Handbook? Because we also revised our server rules! Reacting to changing expectations you guys regarding the ambiguous nature of some of the unwritten rules that had crept in, as well as the fact that we’re no longer a small community, we sat down over the last few weeks and hashed out a new rule set. You can find it attached below. We’ll integrate it into our MOTD sometime over the coming days.

Raffles are Back!
Remember how we used to hold regular Steam Game raffles on our forums where you could enter using ozcredits earnt just by playing on our servers? (or Paypal if you so wished). Well the good news is they’re back! Right now Borderlands and MW3 is up for grabs, we’ll be adding more raffles over the coming weeks so keep an eye out.

Lastly, Devaru and Spitfire have been retired from the staff due to inactivity. Should they become active again at a later date we’ll be more than happy to have them back…providing they haven’t changed too much. :3

Other Stuff
We’re still waiting on the creator of TF2Items to released a fully patched version so that we can get Vs Saxton Hale running normally again. This should occur sometime over the next day or two.
We’re also dealing with some performance issues caused by our US-E host. We expect a resolution within 1-2 days.

View attachment: TF2 Server Rules 1.5.pdf

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Minecraft Server Information (Technic - OzTechn...

22 Apr 2013 01:35 PM | Leon in Ozzy Furocity

So you want to join us on Minecraft? [Updated]

Awesome! Here is your 8-Step guide on how to get setup to play on our server.
Ozzy Furocity runs it's own Technic Pack called "Oz Technology". It's similar to Feed The Beast and uses the Technic Launcher.
Our server is hosted on a dedicated machine in Sydney, Australia.
  • Read the Whitelisting thread so you can get white-listed on the server as quickly as possible. The most important part is setting your Minecraft username in your profile.
  • Read the Server Rules. No really, please be sure that you do. If you have any questions please make a new thread and we'll do our best to answer you.
  • Take the time to update your version of Java if you haven't recently. If you have a recent machine, you'll probably want to download and install the "Windows x64" version. If you're on an older machine, download the "Windows x86" version. If in doubt, you can skip this step.
  • Download the Technic Launcher, it's a custom launcher that allows us to distribute the pre-made mod pack that we use for our servers. Save it somewhere where you can easily find it!
  • Open the Technic Launcher and on the Main Screen, Select "Add New Pack" from the side bar on the left hand side.
  • Copy and paste
    into the text box, then click "Add Modpack"
  • Select OzTechnology from the side, type in your username and password and click "Launch". This will close the launcher and boot up the modded copy of Minecraft. It may take a while the first time you do this or when we update the modpack, as the files will need to be downloaded.
  • OzTechnology will now Launch. From the Main Menu, select Multiplayer => Add Server
  • Server Name: Ozzy Furocity
  • Server Address: mc.ozzyfurocity.net:25575
That's it! You're good to go. Double click on the server you just added to join it.
If you have any issues, download a copy of the Teamspeak Client and join our Teamspeak Server (ts3.ozzyfurocity.net) and we'll help you out.

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'The Hell is that Sound?' - Wheatley...

31 Oct 2012 09:04 PM | Rythmear in Ozzy Furocity

"When the devil is too busy, and death's a bit too much... they call on me, by name you see, for my special touch..." - Voltaire, 'When You're Evil'

Posted Image
- Picture by RatchetMario

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Idea vs Execution: A Wheatley Retrospective on...

26 Oct 2012 03:29 PM | Rythmear in Ozzy Furocity

"Man is the only animal that can be bored."
-Erich Fromm

Posted Image
- Picture by squar3x

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