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  3. Group Up for Casual/Arcade?

    Hey all. Just wondering if anybody would be interested in grouping up at some point? I mainly play Casual and avoid Competitive. I've started playing more and more recently but I've had the game for a while now. My Battle Tag is VinnieWoof#1511 and I'm also active in the OzFur Discord. Drop me a PM in Discord, on Battle.Net/Blizzard App, or comment below!
  4. Favorite class to main?

    I mostly main Pharah, but lately I've been playing other characters too to try and rotate my roster. I've taken a liking to McCree, Mercy and Doomfist!
  5. A Prelude

    Awesome to see the community back up and running! I look forward to seeing the future of OzFur 2.0. =)
  6. Good To See You Again!

    Hello everyone! It's awesome to be back here. I made a ton of friends here and it's so good to see the community back up and running. For those that don't know me, my name is Vincent Talos, commonly known as Vinnie. I used to be extremely active on OzFur before it was closed the first time, I was even made a moderator for a short time! I'm a Furry (obviously). I mostly play First-Person Shooters and Virtual Reality games. I'm pretty open and friendly, always welcoming a chat and new friends. I don't bite! It's good to see you all again, and for those that are new, it's a pleasure to meet you! Vincent "VinnieWoof" Talos
  7. OzTech 3.0

    in the spirit of the season i'm necroing a thread hell yeah
  8. A Prelude

    Ooh, it's back, awesome! Well, I hope everything goes right!
  9. OzTech 3.0

    'ConRoar' told me to post here saying I would play. He also told me that he's a gigantic fag who can't stop choking on dicks
  10. #HurryupOzFur!

    Dam it the Long wait is killing me Slowly.
  11. Glad to h3ar
  12. Been doing ceo shipment runs and have gotten nowhere. I don't care about anything else in the game, just that jet car.
  13. User Quotes

    "What's in the box" -(from the movie Seven)
  14. User Quotes

    "Is, is that, a-a person!?!?!" - (Friday the 13th The Game)
  15. OzTech 3.0

  16. OzTech 3.0

    Would play.
  17. OzTech 3.0

    I would play it.
  18. OzTech 3.0

    I'd play it.
  19. OzTech 3.0

    I'd call that a solid "Maybe"... which is sadly as close as I come these days to making plans in advance.
  20. OzTech 3.0

    Hi Guys, Can I get a gauge of what people think of OzTech (Technology-themed Minecraft pack) making a 3.0 return? Would you play it? Thanks!~
  21. I am good 2day
  22. How is every1?
  23. Discord

    Hi Guys, For those having issues finding it here is our Discord. Please remember the following for everyone's enjoyment: Push to Talk is required. Idling is strongly discouraged; If you're going to be in the channel please contribute! There a no defined rules; Just use common sense and don't annoy people, we'll let you know if you've fucked up. Generally speaking we'll only be giving out one warning before permanently removing people - We're here to have fun, not baby sit! Thanks!
  24. User Quotes

    "Tala Moana, Warrior!" (from Path of Exile) "Put your mask on, " (from Payday 2) "That is PRISTINE!!" (from CS:GO) "Welcome to the family " (from Resident Evil 7) "The morning is evil, !" (from Legend of Korra)
  25. User Quotes

    r_text[34] = "Construct additional pylons"; Already in there :3
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