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  2. Howdy

    Heyo, welcome back, Cam!
  3. Issue: Vanilla Recipes Missing

    An attempt at a temporary resolve. This is based off the same template that Feed The Beast have used on the FTB Revelation mod pack when removing recipes and fixing conflicts. It has not been tested due to the issue only being on the server. Place the file into <dir>\oztechnology3\scripts\. This should be the same place where the another 2 .zs files are located for recipe manipulation. 02_additional_recipe_changes.zs
  4. Howdy

    I used to play in this community's VSH servers and even made some videos of them. (But a huge anxiety attack I had years ago caused me to delete them all. My sincere apologies. It had nothing to do with anybody, it was just some stuff I was going through) Anyway, I'm CamChao. A couple of games I play right now are PUBG, albeit with poor performance because I still don't have a good computer, and Dota 2. My favorite Dota 2 hero is Storm Spirit because I like moving fast. :3 But due to Dota's toxic community, I actually play the game with "Mute all incoming chat" enabled because I don't do well with toxicity at all. But it's a good thing, imo, that that setting doesn't mute messages from the chat wheel and alt-clicking. I also make pictures in Source Filmmaker and have recently started learning Blender. Right now, the best thing I can make in Blender is a plate, but I'd like to learn more and improve.
  5. Hey everyone, it's great to be back!

    Heya, welcome back!
  6. Hey everyone, it's great to be back!

    Heyyy folks, been FAR too long since I've heard anything about this group. Early 2016, I believe. Either way, I hope to hear great things, or at least talk to some awesome people here again! If anyone wants to talk, I'm on Discord and Steam, both. Let me know if I need to add either account to this post and I'll edit this post.
  7. Username: Lepo273 Location: Not attributing to issue. Action: Attempts to craft vanilla minecraft recipes (Vanilla Wood-based Planks, Crafting Table, Furnace, Chest and Paper have been tested) in both inventory crafting and Crafting Tables. Result: Vanilla recipes not existing. Inability to craft vanilla items. Logs: Not Required. It is believed the issue is Server-Side, as Single Player works with no issue. Java Version: 1.8.0-161 (64-Bit) Memory: 8GB Additional Notes: Has been tested on the server by myself and another player (GrayGrim). Only limited to vanilla minecraft recipes, all non-vanilla minecraft recipes still work.
  8. Guide: Getting Started with OzTechnology3

    Been looking for a reason to get back into Minecraft. See you there!
  9. So we did a thing, yay? Ensure you have at least 6GB of physical memory within your computer. Ensure you have the latest version Java 1.8 - Windows x64 (Offline) installed. Download and run the Technic Launcher; Use your Mojang account to login. Adjust your Launcher Options to ensure you're using Latest 64-bit java and have at least 4 GB of memory assigned. Use the Search box to search for OzTechnology3 and install it - Click Play. The server is already in the server list. You may get disconnected upon first join. The server is currently a forked-version of FTB Revelations, but more customisation will occur over time.
  10. OzTechnology is a complicated mod-pack, with over 170 moving parts created individually by about as many different developers. From time to time there may be bugs or issues that players encounter, and so it is important that players provide as much information as possible in order to assist us in helping you. This article details the information we need to assist you with a bug report or issue: Your minecraft username A description of where you are in the Minecraft world. (If a current player) A description of what actions you took to trigger the symptom. A description of what resulted from those actions. A compressed copy of your logs directory and crash reports. * A comp Your current Minecraft Java Version setting as specified in the Java Settings tab of the Technic Launcher - Launcher Options pane. Your current Memory setting as specified in the Java Settings tab of the Technic Launcher - Launcher Options pane. * You can locate your logs directory is by going into Modpack Options and clicking the Open button. If you have 7-Zip installed, you can highlight the logs folder and any crash reports, then right click select 7-Zip > Add to "logs.7z" The required information must be put within a new thread on these forums. Please note: Official support will only be rendered to people who are able to submit bug reports with all required information. If you need assistance gathering the information required, please reach out to other players / the community for assistance - As much as we'd love to help you directly, we simply don't have the time.
  11. User Quotes

    Late thanks for the suggestions guys! Closing this thread.
  12. #HurryupOzFur!

    We have no intention of running Team Fortress 2 servers at the current moment. If you're waiting for this, you're better off going elsewhere, sorry!
  13. Introduction!

    Jump on Discord sometime Sparky!
  14. Good To See You Again!

    Welcome back Vinnie!
  15. I'm so happy to be back

    Welcome back Brad!
  16. OzTech 3.0

    Those interested in Minecraft should contact Lepo; He's running a Minecraft server at the moment, and thus we've OzTech on the backburner for the moment.
  17. I'm so happy to be back

    Hi, my name is Bradley/Brad/bradasparky12 and I remember being a member of OzzyFurocity since 2011, when I first started playing Team Fortress 2. The VSH Remake was my most played game mode back then and I sadly can't remember all the awesome people I used to talk to on those servers. I spent a third, if not half my hours on TF2 playing the VSH remake. Two years feels like such a long time to be away from a community I spent time with and I wish to rejoin OzzyFurocity in it's "return from the grave". Since then I've been playing Overwatch, Killing Floor 2, Minecraft, and Pay Day 2
  18. Group Up for Casual/Arcade?

    Hey all. Just wondering if anybody would be interested in grouping up at some point? I mainly play Casual and avoid Competitive. I've started playing more and more recently but I've had the game for a while now. My Battle Tag is VinnieWoof#1511 and I'm also active in the OzFur Discord. Drop me a PM in Discord, on Battle.Net/Blizzard App, or comment below!
  19. Favorite class to main?

    I mostly main Pharah, but lately I've been playing other characters too to try and rotate my roster. I've taken a liking to McCree, Mercy and Doomfist!
  20. A Prelude

    Awesome to see the community back up and running! I look forward to seeing the future of OzFur 2.0. =)
  21. Good To See You Again!

    Hello everyone! It's awesome to be back here. I made a ton of friends here and it's so good to see the community back up and running. For those that don't know me, my name is Vincent Talos, commonly known as Vinnie. I used to be extremely active on OzFur before it was closed the first time, I was even made a moderator for a short time! I'm a Furry (obviously). I mostly play First-Person Shooters and Virtual Reality games. I'm pretty open and friendly, always welcoming a chat and new friends. I don't bite! It's good to see you all again, and for those that are new, it's a pleasure to meet you! Vincent "VinnieWoof" Talos
  22. OzTech 3.0

    in the spirit of the season i'm necroing a thread hell yeah
  23. A Prelude

    Ooh, it's back, awesome! Well, I hope everything goes right!
  24. OzTech 3.0

    'ConRoar' told me to post here saying I would play. He also told me that he's a gigantic fag who can't stop choking on dicks
  25. #HurryupOzFur!

    Dam it the Long wait is killing me Slowly.
  26. Glad to h3ar
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