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  3. OzTech 3.0

    in the spirit of the season i'm necroing a thread hell yeah
  4. A Prelude

    Ooh, it's back, awesome! Well, I hope everything goes right!
  5. OzTech 3.0

    'ConRoar' told me to post here saying I would play. He also told me that he's a gigantic fag who can't stop choking on dicks
  6. #HurryupOzFur!

    Dam it the Long wait is killing me Slowly.
  7. Glad to h3ar
  8. Been doing ceo shipment runs and have gotten nowhere. I don't care about anything else in the game, just that jet car.
  9. User Quotes

    "What's in the box" -(from the movie Seven)
  10. User Quotes

    "Is, is that, a-a person!?!?!" - (Friday the 13th The Game)
  11. OzTech 3.0

  12. OzTech 3.0

    Would play.
  13. OzTech 3.0

    I would play it.
  14. OzTech 3.0

    I'd play it.
  15. OzTech 3.0

    I'd call that a solid "Maybe"... which is sadly as close as I come these days to making plans in advance.
  16. OzTech 3.0

    Hi Guys, Can I get a gauge of what people think of OzTech (Technology-themed Minecraft pack) making a 3.0 return? Would you play it? Thanks!~
  17. I am good 2day
  18. How is every1?
  19. Discord

    Hi Guys, For those having issues finding it here is our Discord. Please remember the following for everyone's enjoyment: Push to Talk is required. Idling is strongly discouraged; If you're going to be in the channel please contribute! There a no defined rules; Just use common sense and don't annoy people, we'll let you know if you've fucked up. Generally speaking we'll only be giving out one warning before permanently removing people - We're here to have fun, not baby sit! Thanks!
  20. User Quotes

    "Tala Moana, Warrior!" (from Path of Exile) "Put your mask on, " (from Payday 2) "That is PRISTINE!!" (from CS:GO) "Welcome to the family " (from Resident Evil 7) "The morning is evil, !" (from Legend of Korra)
  21. User Quotes

    r_text[34] = "Construct additional pylons"; Already in there :3
  22. User Quotes

    you must construct additional pylons Good old starcraft
  23. A Prelude

    Hey its back, missed ozzyfurocity and its really nice seeing it come back, also leon ^.^
  24. Favorite class to main?

    I main Mercy, Soldier, and Reaper. I can play everyone to a decent extent tho.
  25. A Prelude

    Hey everyone! It has been years since I have been on here. Glad to see the community making a comeback! Looking forward to hanging out with you again!
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