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  1. User Quotes

    Late thanks for the suggestions guys! Closing this thread.
  2. #HurryupOzFur!

    We have no intention of running Team Fortress 2 servers at the current moment. If you're waiting for this, you're better off going elsewhere, sorry!
  3. Introduction!

    Jump on Discord sometime Sparky!
  4. Good To See You Again!

    Welcome back Vinnie!
  5. I'm so happy to be back

    Welcome back Brad!
  6. OzTech 3.0

    Those interested in Minecraft should contact Lepo; He's running a Minecraft server at the moment, and thus we've OzTech on the backburner for the moment.
  7. OzTech 3.0

    Hi Guys, Can I get a gauge of what people think of OzTech (Technology-themed Minecraft pack) making a 3.0 return? Would you play it? Thanks!~
  8. Discord

    Hi Guys, For those having issues finding it here is our Discord. Please remember the following for everyone's enjoyment: Push to Talk is required. Idling is strongly discouraged; If you're going to be in the channel please contribute! There a no defined rules; Just use common sense and don't annoy people, we'll let you know if you've fucked up. Generally speaking we'll only be giving out one warning before permanently removing people - We're here to have fun, not baby sit! Thanks!
  9. User Quotes

    r_text[34] = "Construct additional pylons"; Already in there :3
  10. Favorite class to main?

    Junkrat, Lucio or Reaper
  11. A Prelude

    Thanks for the positive feedback guys! Sorry I've been a bit quiet - Busy with work and such. Hopefully we'll have some progress in terms of events and actually getting things moving soon enough!
  12. http://www.news.com.au/technology/science/animals/researchers-find-penisesque-sea-creature-in-ocean-off-australia/news-story/586b53e04c65860b755da24f25507e28
  13. I claim this Activity feed. Mine! 

  14. User Quotes

    By now you would have noticed that the User's Menu on the top right spawns a random prefix / quote in front of it. Feel free to suggest any game quotes or popular culture references here. Double posting is ok. var r_text = new Array (); r_text[0] = "Yo"; r_text[1] = "Yarrrgh"; r_text[2] = "Salut"; r_text[3] = "Ciao"; r_text[4] = "Hallo"; r_text[5] = "Ahoj"; r_text[6] = "Bog"; r_text[7] = "Hola"; r_text[8] = "Ni Hao"; r_text[9] = "Bog"; r_text[10] = "Shalom"; r_text[11] = "Ola"; r_text[12] = "Greetings"; r_text[13] = "G'Day"; r_text[14] = "Hello"; r_text[15] = "Hai"; r_text[16] = "Oh it's you"; r_text[17] = "You with the face"; r_text[18] = "Back again"; r_text[19] = "Not you again"; r_text[20] = "GET TO THE CHOPPA"; r_text[21] = "Welcome back"; r_text[22] = "You're a Wizard"; r_text[22] = "Covfefe"; r_text[23] = "We're going to build a wall"; r_text[24] = "Raise your dongers"; r_text[25] = "It's fake news"; r_text[26] = "Ugh"; r_text[27] = "Seduce me"; r_text[28] = "Catch phrase"; r_text[29] = "I play to win"; r_text[30] = "Game on"; r_text[31] = "The world could always use more heroes"; r_text[32] = "Sieg heil"; r_text[33] = "Wingardium leviosaaaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa"; r_text[34] = "Construct additional pylons"; r_text[35] = "Wanna yiff"; r_text[36] = "Looking good"; r_text[37] = "Have you lost weight"; r_text[38] = "I like your shoes"; r_text[39] = "You smell nice"; r_text[40] = "We both got buckets o' chicken"; r_text[41] = "You're prettiest princess"; r_text[42] = "NINE-HUNDRED DOLLARYDOOS"; r_text[43] = "That's not a knife"; r_text[44] = "Hide your gold"; r_text[45] = "Kiddie land"; r_text[46] = "Goodnight, and Goodluck"; r_text[47] = "The battle's this way"; r_text[48] = "Was it good for you"; r_text[49] = "Dosh"; r_text[50] = "Loads o' money"; r_text[51] = "Work work"; r_text[52] = "Stay awhile and listen"; r_text[53] = "No refunds"; r_text[54] = "Continue testing"; r_text[55] = "Zug zug"; r_text[56] = "Frostmourne hungers"; r_text[57] = "Hostage down"; r_text[58] = "I'm gonna punch that dragon in the face"; r_text[59] = "To the moon"; r_text[60] = "Prepare for Unforseen Consequences"; r_text[61] = "Bring me a bucket, and I'll show you a bucket"; r_text[62] = "It's High Noon"; r_text[63] = "It's super effective"; r_text[64] = "Do a barrel roll"; r_text[65] = "Chariots chariots"; r_text[66] = "Yippee ki-yay"; r_text[67] = "A sound plan"; r_text[68] = "Get me a bucket"; r_text[69] = "I'm not dead yet"; r_text[70] = "The Black Knight always wins"; r_text[71] = "That's just silly"; r_text[72] = "'Tis but a scratch"; r_text[73] = "I am Groot"; r_text[74] = "I have famously huge turds"; r_text[75] = "It's not ripe"; r_text[76] = "Is it secret, is it safe"; r_text[77] = "Why so serious"; r_text[78] = "Just keep swimming"; r_text[79] = "May the Force be with you"; r_text[80] = "You talkin' to me"; r_text[81] = "I see dead people"; r_text[82] = "You can't handle the truth"; r_text[83] = "I'll be back"; r_text[84] = "Get off my lawn"; r_text[85] = "Top o' the mornin' to ya"; r_text[86] = "To be sure";