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  1. So we did a thing, yay? Ensure you have at least 6GB of physical memory within your computer. Ensure you have the latest version Java 1.8 - Windows x64 (Offline) installed. Download and run the Technic Launcher; Use your Mojang account to login. Adjust your Launcher Options to ensure you're using Latest 64-bit java and have at least 4 GB of memory assigned. Use the Search box to search for OzTechnology3 and install it - Click Play. The server is already in the server list. You may get disconnected upon first join. The server is currently a forked-version of FTB Revelations, but more customisation will occur over time.
  2. OzTechnology is a complicated mod-pack, with over 170 moving parts created individually by about as many different developers. From time to time there may be bugs or issues that players encounter, and so it is important that players provide as much information as possible in order to assist us in helping you. This article details the information we need to assist you with a bug report or issue: Your minecraft username A description of where you are in the Minecraft world. (If a current player) A description of what actions you took to trigger the symptom. A description of what resulted from those actions. A compressed copy of your logs directory and crash reports. * A comp Your current Minecraft Java Version setting as specified in the Java Settings tab of the Technic Launcher - Launcher Options pane. Your current Memory setting as specified in the Java Settings tab of the Technic Launcher - Launcher Options pane. * You can locate your logs directory is by going into Modpack Options and clicking the Open button. If you have 7-Zip installed, you can highlight the logs folder and any crash reports, then right click select 7-Zip > Add to "logs.7z" The required information must be put within a new thread on these forums. Please note: Official support will only be rendered to people who are able to submit bug reports with all required information. If you need assistance gathering the information required, please reach out to other players / the community for assistance - As much as we'd love to help you directly, we simply don't have the time.
  3. Leon

    User Quotes

    Late thanks for the suggestions guys! Closing this thread.
  4. Leon


    We have no intention of running Team Fortress 2 servers at the current moment. If you're waiting for this, you're better off going elsewhere, sorry!
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    Jump on Discord sometime Sparky!
  6. Leon

    Good To See You Again!

    Welcome back Vinnie!
  7. Leon

    I'm so happy to be back

    Welcome back Brad!
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    OzTech 3.0

    Those interested in Minecraft should contact Lepo; He's running a Minecraft server at the moment, and thus we've OzTech on the backburner for the moment.
  9. Leon

    OzTech 3.0

    Hi Guys, Can I get a gauge of what people think of OzTech (Technology-themed Minecraft pack) making a 3.0 return? Would you play it? Thanks!~
  10. Leon


    Hi Guys, For those having issues finding it here is our Discord. Please remember the following for everyone's enjoyment: Push to Talk is required. Idling is strongly discouraged; If you're going to be in the channel please contribute! There a no defined rules; Just use common sense and don't annoy people, we'll let you know if you've fucked up. Generally speaking we'll only be giving out one warning before permanently removing people - We're here to have fun, not baby sit! Thanks!
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    r_text[34] = "Construct additional pylons"; Already in there :3
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    Favorite class to main?

    Junkrat, Lucio or Reaper
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    A Prelude

    Thanks for the positive feedback guys! Sorry I've been a bit quiet - Busy with work and such. Hopefully we'll have some progress in terms of events and actually getting things moving soon enough!
  14. http://www.news.com.au/technology/science/animals/researchers-find-penisesque-sea-creature-in-ocean-off-australia/news-story/586b53e04c65860b755da24f25507e28
  15. I claim this Activity feed. Mine!