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  1. Sparky

    User Quotes

    "Tala Moana, Warrior!" (from Path of Exile) "Put your mask on, " (from Payday 2) "That is PRISTINE!!" (from CS:GO) "Welcome to the family " (from Resident Evil 7) "The morning is evil, !" (from Legend of Korra)
  2. Sparky

    Favorite class to main?

    Simple question: When playing Overwatch, who do you usually main? I usually main both Widowmaker, Reaper, and Winston. Unfortunately, I haven't played enough Overwatch to reach the ability to play competitive ranked matches (currently rank level 16. Need rank 20 to get access)
  3. Sparky

    What's your build?

    When you play Payday nowadays, having a build and perk deck is needed to be successful in heists. What build + perk deck do you use? I use a One Down Mastermind FugiTech with the Armourer perk deck. Very tanky!
  4. Sparky


    Hiiya, I'm Sparky! I'm just your average videogame player! I've played competitive TF2 (UGC League) and dabbled in server administration before. Aside from that, nothing else exciting from me. If you have any questions to ask, feel free to ask them! It's nice to meet you all, and hopefully we maybe can become friends!
  5. Sparky

    A Prelude

    It's been awhile! I'm excited for this to start back up