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I used to play in this community's VSH servers and even made some videos of them. (But a huge anxiety attack I had years ago caused me to delete them all. My sincere apologies. It had nothing to do with anybody, it was just some stuff I was going through)

Anyway, I'm CamChao. A couple of games I play right now are PUBG, albeit with poor performance because I still don't have a good computer, and Dota 2. My favorite Dota 2 hero is Storm Spirit because I like moving fast. :3 But due to Dota's toxic community, I actually play the game with "Mute all incoming chat" enabled because I don't do well with toxicity at all. But it's a good thing, imo, that that setting doesn't mute messages from the chat wheel and alt-clicking. :P

I also make pictures in Source Filmmaker and have recently started learning Blender. Right now, the best thing I can make in Blender is a plate, but I'd like to learn more and improve.

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