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By now you would have noticed that the User's Menu on the top right spawns a random prefix / quote in front of it. Feel free to suggest any game quotes or popular culture references here. Double posting is ok.


var r_text = new Array ();
r_text[0] = "Yo";
r_text[1] = "Yarrrgh";
r_text[2] = "Salut";
r_text[3] = "Ciao";
r_text[4] = "Hallo";
r_text[5] = "Ahoj";
r_text[6] = "Bog";
r_text[7] = "Hola";
r_text[8] = "Ni Hao";
r_text[9] = "Bog";
r_text[10] = "Shalom";
r_text[11] = "Ola";
r_text[12] = "Greetings";
r_text[13] = "G'Day";
r_text[14] = "Hello";
r_text[15] = "Hai";
r_text[16] = "Oh it's you";
r_text[17] = "You with the face";
r_text[18] = "Back again";
r_text[19] = "Not you again";
r_text[20] = "GET TO THE CHOPPA";
r_text[21] = "Welcome back";
r_text[22] = "You're a Wizard";
r_text[22] = "Covfefe";
r_text[23] = "We're going to build a wall";
r_text[24] = "Raise your dongers";
r_text[25] = "It's fake news";
r_text[26] = "Ugh";
r_text[27] = "Seduce me";
r_text[28] = "Catch phrase";
r_text[29] = "I play to win";
r_text[30] = "Game on";
r_text[31] = "The world could always use more heroes";
r_text[32] = "Sieg heil";
r_text[33] = "Wingardium leviosaaaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa";
r_text[34] = "Construct additional pylons";
r_text[35] = "Wanna yiff";
r_text[36] = "Looking good";
r_text[37] = "Have you lost weight";
r_text[38] = "I like your shoes";
r_text[39] = "You smell nice";
r_text[40] = "We both got buckets o' chicken";
r_text[41] = "You're prettiest princess";
r_text[43] = "That's not a knife";
r_text[44] = "Hide your gold";
r_text[45] = "Kiddie land";
r_text[46] = "Goodnight, and Goodluck";
r_text[47] = "The battle's this way";
r_text[48] = "Was it good for you";
r_text[49] = "Dosh";
r_text[50] = "Loads o' money";
r_text[51] = "Work work";
r_text[52] = "Stay awhile and listen";                  
r_text[53] = "No refunds";
r_text[54] = "Continue testing";
r_text[55] = "Zug zug";    
r_text[56] = "Frostmourne hungers"; 
r_text[57] = "Hostage down";
r_text[58] = "I'm gonna punch that dragon in the face"; 
r_text[59] = "To the moon"; 
r_text[60] = "Prepare for Unforseen Consequences"; 
r_text[61] = "Bring me a bucket, and I'll show you a bucket";
r_text[62] = "It's High Noon";
r_text[63] = "It's super effective"; 
r_text[64] = "Do a barrel roll";
r_text[65] = "Chariots chariots";
r_text[66] = "Yippee ki-yay";
r_text[67] = "A sound plan";
r_text[68] = "Get me a bucket";
r_text[69] = "I'm not dead yet";
r_text[70] = "The Black Knight always wins";
r_text[71] = "That's just silly";
r_text[72] = "'Tis but a scratch";
r_text[73] = "I am Groot";  
r_text[74] = "I have famously huge turds";
r_text[75] = "It's not ripe";
r_text[76] = "Is it secret, is it safe";
r_text[77] = "Why so serious";
r_text[78] = "Just keep swimming";
r_text[79] = "May the Force be with you";
r_text[80] = "You talkin' to me";
r_text[81] = "I see dead people";
r_text[82] = "You can't handle the truth";
r_text[83] = "I'll be back";
r_text[84] = "Get off my lawn";  
r_text[85] = "Top o' the mornin' to ya";    
r_text[86] = "To be sure"; 


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17 minutes ago, Zippy236 said:

LMG mounted and loaded

Not sure if we need give reference to it, but it is from the Lord and Saviour - Tachanka from R6:Siege

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16 hours ago, LazyWill said:

you must construct additional pylons

Good old starcraft

r_text[34] = "Construct additional pylons";

Already in there :3

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"Tala Moana, Warrior!" (from Path of Exile)

"Put your mask on, " (from Payday 2)

"That is PRISTINE!!"  (from CS:GO)

"Welcome to the family  " (from Resident Evil 7)

"The morning is evil,   !" (from Legend of Korra)

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